“The Cage” – Batting cage at Shouldice Park in Calgary, Alberta

The Cage roof after first season 100,000 hits

Sam Kassam, the owner of “The Cage” batting cage located at Shouldice Park in Calgary, Alberta, contacted us with a roofing dilemma most people will never encounter. Baseballs being driven into his roof. The batting cage is located on a sloped concrete pad outdoors and has a circus tent-like mesh to contain the balls. In the center are the ball launchers which fireballs up to 80 mph at the batter. Many are driven directly into the roof of the structure. Sam has tried many roof coverings over the years and due to the severe conditions, they have not lasted very long.

The Cage has thousands of visitors each year who come to practise their batting skills. Some are at a high skill level and hit balls over 100mph into the netting and directly onto the roof. “The impact speed of the balls is typically between 30mph and 100mph,” Sam says. “I would estimate that of the 500,000 or so balls hit during the first season (Euroshield roofing was installed for the start of the 2017 season in April), around 100,000 of them hit the Euroshield Granville Slate roof within those speeds in this first full season. Sam had heard about Euroshield roofing and how hail resistant it was so he decided to give it a try. Sam commented… “On inspection of the roof at the end of the season, I do not see any visible signs the roof has been damaged in any way. It still looks like the day it was installed. I am extremely pleased and amazed.”

Picture above: “The Cage” roof after first season (100,000 hits)

Tourist Residence on the island of St. Martin

Residence Adam & Eve – St. Martin (after hurricane Irma hit)

“We own a tourist residence on the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. It is a 4-star guest house with hotel services (www.residence-adam-eve.com). In 2015 we decided to change our roof to Euroshield Rundle Slate (formerly EuroSlate). Our decision was influenced by strength, wind and impact resistance, insulation and looks.

On September 4th, 2017 we suffered the largest hurricane the earth has seen…Irma, which hit St. Martin as a Category 5 hurricane. We had sustained winds of 300km/hr with gusts to 360km/hr. You can see the damage to dwellings on YouTube. At the end of the hurricane, we noticed our neighbour to the left, his roof flew away, house destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. Our neighbour to the right…his roof is on the road. For us… our Euroshield roof lost only a few ridges and hip caps… the roof body was not impacted.

After a big cleaning, we were able to open up to customers 5 days later. 80% of hotels will not be able to reopen for up to a year. We are thoroughly convinced that if we did not have Euroshield roofing our hotel would have been like everyone else…very badly damaged”. I declare this testimony sincere and genuine. I agree to receive emails (caroline@residence-adam-eve.com) from people who are interested in my experience and Euroshield tiles.”

Caroline and Alain – Owners of Residence Adam & Eve – St. Martin

Picture above: Adam & Eve Residence (after hurricane Irma hit)

Buyer’s Edge Home Inspection & The House Nut Renovations

“I am a Home Inspector with 22 years of experience and have been on thousands of roofs. Today I was on a metal shingle roof. I see the advertising signs as I drive around often, but I’ve never been on one before. I could see that many of the shingles were bent before I got on the roof, probably from the installation crew. I decided to proceed on all fours instead of walking on it, and was glad I did. The material is very thin and easily damaged. I was also on a 13-year-old asphalt shingle roof today. It was completely finished. The granular and the asphalt was gone over large areas. I feel a lot better about the Euroshield roof I installed at my house this summer. The shingles were even hard to cut, obviously a very tough material, and there was certainly no concern about walking on the roof. Time will tell, but right now, I think I made a very good investment”.

Mike Lancop, CMI

Homeowner in Bedford, Texas

“I wanted to give you an update on my Euroshield roof that was installed last summer. I purchased the roof because of its impact rating for hail damage. Unfortunately (actually fortunately for my neighbours), we have not had a hail storm since it was installed. We have had the roof for a little more than a year now. Here are some comments:

Lower utility bills. I have done some other items that will affect this however I believe our new roof has helped. I do believe we have seen lower attic temperatures with the new roof.

The house is much quieter. I do not know when it is raining because I can’t hear it. I would open the door to go out and discovered it was raining…

Looks. It is a good looking roof!

I looked at many roof systems prior to buying Euroshield. One of my concerns was UV deterioration. I have not noticed any discoloration or deformation of the shingles. If I had to buy a roof today I would not consider any roof but a Euroshield roof!”

David P., Bedford, Texas

Homeowner in Calgary, AB

“Having had cedar shake roof before this installation, the Euroshake was a natural choice for us.”

Lawrence G., Calgary, Alberta

Homeowner in St. Mary’s, ON

“Our house is now the best looking home on the street. Others with metal roofs don’t measure up”.

Dave B., St. Mary’s, Ontario

Homeowner in Mustang, OK

“House Quieter. Uses less power to heat the house. Curb appeal. More durable than composition roofing”.

Jody and Beverly C., Mustang, OK.

Homeowner in Airdrie, AB

“Living in Hail Alley (Airdrie) I decided to go with Euroshield because it will save me money in the years to come.”

Kevin G., Airdrie, Alberta

Homeowner in Oregon

“Neighbours love the look. It looks like real wood and helps keep tires out of the landfill.”

Kay N., Oregon

Homeowner in Calgary, AB

“Love the product, looks awesome! Neighbours are presently having their house done right now because they liked ours so much!”

Bruce D., Calgary, AB

Homeowner in Washington State

“We love the product. It was a great choice, worth every penny!!!”

Rodd and Junko O., Washington State

Homeowner in Harrow, ON

“Some sound and insulation value as slightly cooler upstairs (in summer), the latter benefit unexpected but welcomed. We are pleased to support a Canadian recycling product and company.”

Ken & Sharon M., Harrow, ON

Homeowner in Airdrie, AB

“After previously experiencing both wind and hail damage we chose your Rundle Slate product based on previous customers’ experience and our insurance adjusters recommendation. It has made a big improvement in the appearance of our home.”

Ken D., Airdrie, AB

Homeowner in Billings, MT

“This is the second Euroshield roof that I have installed. The first one is in our current residence and the second one in a new house we are building for ourselves. The roofing system is very easy to install and cut. The building inspector commented on how durable the shingles were and didn’t know why they are not installed more in Billings, Montana.

John W., Billings, MT

Homeowner in Saskatoon, SK

“Absolutely stunning roof! What an amazing product. I have already recommended your product to many people and will continue to do so.”

Lena S., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Homeowner in Grimsby, ON

“Superb looking product. It looks like real slate from the road. Also, like the idea that old tires have been recycled.”

Tony B., Grimsby, ON

Homeowner in Otis, MA

“Love the product, looks just like slate. Always wanted a slate roof and I think this is a better alternative. I put solar panels on the roof as well knowing that I will never have to re-roof again using Euroshield! I will highly recommend your product.”

Gordon M., Otis, MA

Homeowner in Edmonton, AB

“Love it! Looks awesome, very quiet in the rain.”

Paula B., Edmonton, AB

“Build or Renovate your own Home” Author

“Replaced a 33-year-old heavy cedar shake roof with a Euroshake rubber roof. I am very pleased we maintained the estate shake look with a superior performing product. We are seeing the return with our recent appraisal and satisfaction from the curb appeal. All our neighbours admire our roof. In my opinion, it is the best product for a sloped roof.”

D. Pocock, Calgary, AB – Author “Build or Renovate your own Home”

Homeowner in Ontario

“Superb looking product. It looks like real slate from the road. Like the idea, we will never have to replace the roof again. Also, like the idea that old tires have been recycled.”

Tony B. – Ontario, Canada

Homeowner in Alberta

“I just love the product, the final result and pattern are amazing. Job well done.”

Mark D. – Alberta, Canada

Homeowner in Alberta

“Beautiful/Classy – updated my home tenfold upon install. I have the sexiest roof on my block!

Erin K. – Alberta, Canada

Homeowner in Alberta

“Love the product…looks awesome! Many comments on how great the product looks and made here in Calgary with recycled tires! Neighbours are presently having their house done right now cause they liked ours so much!”

Bruce O. – Alberta, Canada

Euroshield Installer in Colorado

testimonialFireburnSpring Creek, Colorado Testimonial – Fire Damage and EuroShake™ performance.

“The roof for the historic Spring Creek Lodge renovation was one of the first sales we made. It is tucked quite a ways up in the mountains some distance from any real town or fire department. Some rags used for staining and oiling the interior caught fire one night when no one was around.

As you can see from the photos, the EuroShake® seems to be holding the roof up. Despite the intense heat and structural damage, the interlocking EuroShake® maintained its structural integrity. I first heard about the fire from a Lodge neighbour who ran up to me in a store in Gunnison very excited about the fire and how well the roof performed. Given the remote location, the intensity of the blaze and the fact that the buildings are surrounded by a lot of dead & dry pine trees, some of us believe that a real disaster may have been averted due to the fact that the uroShake actually contained the fire.

I really do think that, though the fire is a heartbreaker for the owner, this is quite a testimonial to the GEM products”

Quote from a letter received from a GEM Euroshield® installer in Colorado, USA

Homeowner in Calgary, AB

“…I was extremely impressed with the easily apparent thought towards excellence that went into the design of the system, from the interlocking bottom ridge and groove to the side locks, to the air pockets, right down to the drip edge and even the breathing holes. First and foremost was the visual impact of the product. I think it is the best looking roof on the market. All this and a 50-year warranty too. Truly exceptional!!”

Don B.
Calgary, Alberta

Homeowner in Calgary, AB

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for the successful re-roofing of our home with the G.E.M. Rundle Slate. The visual improvement to our property is significant and both Denise and I are very pleased. We look forward to years of trouble-free service from this new roof”.

Denise and Kyle K.
Calgary, Alberta


“…Our new roof has made a world of difference on the insulating properties it has provided…the catacomb design of the roofing material not only provides excellent rigidity but also a high degree of insulating capability. Thank you for coming to our rescue and for providing us with this quality roof.”

Peter M.

Homeowner in Calgary, AB

“After researching the various roofing materials on the market, we recently had our cedar shake roof replaced with your Rundle Slate product. We’re proud of our new roof and would have no problem recommending it. In fact, one day prior to completion of our job, we were approached by another couple and as the result of our discussion with them, they also decided to go with your product and the same installer.”

K & M.C.
Calgary, Alberta

Homeowner in Calgary, AB

“Last year (2010) in late November/early December we had our home re-roofed using your product. When the snow is off the roof, on a rare day so far, we have had numerous compliments on our new roof. We have even had total strangers come to knock on the door to ask what it is we have on our roof. If I do say so myself, I also think that we have the nicest roof in the neighbourhood. Just thought I would let you know that we are very satisfied customers so far”.

Deb P.
Calgary, Alberta

Homeowner in Calgary, AB

“We get golf ball-sized hail and it just bounces off.  I am not aware of any damage.  The reduction on our insurance is super nice also”.

Deborah D. Wichita, Kansas