Q: Will Euroshield® products crack like tires can crack?

A: To answer this question properly you have to understand what makes tires crack. Tires have metal wiring in them, this is what gives the tire its shape, and when you expand & contract this wire enough it will eventually break. When the metal in the tire breaks you will visually see the rubber crack or separate. Euroshield® roofing materials contain no metal so we do not have to worry about this problem. In both real-life & lab-testing, Euroshield® has never cracked.

Q: How resistant is Euroshield® to high wind conditions?

A: Euroshield® recycled rubber roofing has been tested to the required Modified Dade County test in compliance with the CCMC guidelines for wind uplift and wind-driven rain to 170 kph and passed. In 3rd party wind testing (ASTM D3161-modified) at PRI Labs in Tampa, Florida, our Panel Loc products achieved 250kph straight-line wind testing pass for 2 hours with no blow-off. The unique interlocking panels of Euroshield products hold the leading edge in a lock-down position so the corners will not lift or curl and blow off, even in extreme high-wind conditions.

Q: Will hail damage my Euroshield® roof and can I walk on it?

A: Euroshield® has achieved the highest rating, UL2218 Class 4 for Impact. All products are Listed and Labelled with QAI Labs (An accredited testing facility for USA and Canada) and qualify for the maximum insurance discount available for hail impact from insurers offering these discounts. Warranty coverage is provided for hail impact, up to 2″ in diameter. Our new Vermont Slate HP (hail proof) is warranted hail proof for any size hail damage during the first 20 years and then for 2″ hail for an additional 30 years. Visit the Videos section of the website to view the Extreme Impact video to see just how tough a Euroshield® rubber roof is. You will not damage your new roof, nor will you void the warranty, if you walk on the installed panels.

Q: What will happen to the colour over time?

A: The colour in Euroshield® roofing products goes all the way through the piece; colour is added to the mix during the manufacturing process. Over time, as with virtually anything exposed to the sun’s rays, the product will change colour slightly and uniformly, when exposed to equal amounts of sun, such that it develops a soft warm rich patina.

Q: How can you offer a lifetime warranty on a product that has not been around “forever”?

A: Roofing products sold in North America are subjected to various forms of extreme testing designed to simulate the exposure to the elements over time. CCMC assigns a product registration based on these results. These accelerated weather test results give us a reasonable expectation of performance over time. Based on our test results we are confident Euroshield® roofing products will stand the test of time. Rubber tires have been around a lot longer than most folks can remember and Euroshield® products are mostly derived from recycled tires. The durability and long-lasting properties of rubber are well documented. Our products have been tested to the highest standards required in the industry today and very few products can make that claim (refer to the test section of our website).

Q: Does Euroshield® roofing have an R-value or Energy Rating?

A: Roofing products are not included in Canada’s Energy Star Program. Rundle Slate/Ranchlands Shake has never been required to have an R-value for any certification standards, but G.E.M. Inc. has had a number of customers comment on the difference the product has made in keeping their homes cooler in the summertime, and to the superior sound-deadening qualities as well.

Q: Does the rubber smell go away?

A: Yes. Like a new set of tires on your automobile, you may notice a rubber smell after installation however this dissipates over time after exposure to the elements.