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Best Roof for Solar Panels

November 30, 2017

I’m going to add solar panels but first need a new roof. What should I do?

Assuming you have done your homework regarding costs, rebates, payback, etc. and you live in an area where you can expect sufficient sunshine and roof exposure, you also need to consider the roof below the panels you are attaching to it. Is the roof structure (framing/trusses and deck) sound, free of rot and able to take the load? If so, then what is the best roof material to cover the deck with? You would not want to proceed with a solar installation only to remove and reinstall it a few years later to deal with a leaking worn out roof.

What is the best roof for solar panels?

There is no perfect material for a solar application but you should go with a “permanent type” roof below the panels. Why? Asphalt shingles vary in quality, thickness and price but on average, they last approximately 17.75 years (source: F.W. Dodge/NAHB). Do you want to deal with roof replacement in 10 to 20 years, having to completely dismantle, remove and then reinstall the panels? The cost and inconvenience will put a damper on the benefits of that solar roof.

If the roof is less resistant to hail damage then you may find you need to replace the roof well before its normal useful life expectancy. Remember the entire roof is not going to be covered by the panels.

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