Why Buy Euroshield?

Well for starters we think it looks great, in either shake or slate profiles, but when you add up the many advantages it’s really all about value in environmentally friendly roofing.

Lowest Cost of Ownership (Lifecycle)

When you look at the real world usable service life on the roof and the cost per year to own (based on the installed cost per square foot) …Euroshield roofing is your best VALUE. Asphalt shingles are actually one of the most expensive options over a 50 year period due to multiple replacements and the labour costs associated with that. It gets even better when you take into account the potential for hail damage to other roof systems, prematurely destroying your roof and subjecting you to the inconvenience and paying a deductible on replacement, then potentially higher deductibles, depreciation clauses and higher insurance premiums in the years to follow. Ask your insurer about premium discounts for Class 4 Listed impact resistance roofing in high risk hail zones. All Euroshield products are UL2218 Class 4 Listed, the highest rating attainable.

Make A Difference

Euroshield products divert a tremendous amount of tires from landfills each year. We typically consume over 30,000lbs of crumb rubber per day in the manufacture of Euroshield products. In fact, Euroshield roofing products alone utilized 53% of all crumb rubber consumed by Alberta Manufacturers (from Alberta processors) in 2015! As each year passes, and with your support, we will use more and more tire rubber with a goal to eliminating tires as a waste stream.

Durability/Impact Resistance

When it comes to sheer ability to withstand the elements, there is no better protection for your home than a Euroshield roof. We are so sure our roof will meet your expectations for hail protection that we back it with an industry-first hail damage warranty for hail up to 2” in diameter or less. In the case of our New Vermont Slate HP, the first 20 years after installation has no limit for hail size impact damage, followed by an additional 30 years of 2″ hail damage warranty coverage. Before you decide on any other product, ask them about their hail warranty.

See warranty for details.