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Vermont Slate HP (Hail Proof) – Vermont Slate HP is the exciting new “HAIL PROOF” slate-look Euroshield profile that debuted July 1 st , 2018. It is the first product in our lineup to hold status as a hail-proof (any size hail impact damage to panel for the first 20 years) roofing material. Tested with 4” simulated hail to impact speeds of 183mph using our custom built Air Cannon, the Vermont Slate HP roofing panel exhibited no damage after impact. It is a 5-section panel with a 9” exposure to-the-weather and our most realistic slate look to date. It is offered in 4 colours…Brown, Black, Grey and Driftwood (premium colour available at additional cost). It comes in a familiar panel-type form and is designed to install with the speed of asphalt shingles, saving both time and money. It is competitively positioned between asphalt shingles and premium roofing options such as slate, wood, metal and other synthetic roofing.