Vermont Slate HP

Euroshield-Vermont-Slate-HPVermont Slate HP is the only roofing material available that is factory warrantied against hail impact damage of any size.

Its “photo-realistic” slate-textured surface gives it the classy look of traditional slate tiles but without the risk of chips, cracks, and costly repairs after a severe hailstorm.

It is also affordably priced, between low-cost shingle roofing and premium roofing products such as metal and cedar.

Below you will find all the details you need to come to the conclusion that a Vermont Slate HP roof makes the most sense for your home if you are in the path of hailstorms!

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Why choose a Vermont Slate HP roof for your home or business?

Hail Alley in Canada and USADid you know that thousands of home and business owners lose their roofs each year to hail damage in North America?

For many Americans and Canadians living in the “hail alley” area, regular hail storms threatening roofs and other property is just part of life.

This includes the wide swathes of the U.S. from Texas to Washington state and the Midwest, as well as southern Canada, across to Maine and down to Florida.

There are over 5,000 major hail storms per year in the U.S. and the total annual hail-related insured losses average between $8 billion and $14 billion.

Even for home and business owners outside of the main hail-affected areas, freak storms can damage roofs. According to a 2017 study from Nature, climate change will likely reduce the number of hailstorms but the damages might be more severe with bigger hailstones.

Unless your property has a hail-resistant roof, it is likely that at some point you will be affected. Recurring roof repairs are costly and replacements even more so. Deductibles payable on insurance mean that repair costs may be significant even if you are covered.

We’ve even had calls for a third roof replacement in eight years from homeowners with roofs that are meant to be robust (made from asphalt, metal, cedar, concrete, etc.).

You might think that the industry’s Class 4 UL2218 rating on your shingle roof will protect it but this minimum standard has been shown time and time again to be inadequate for withstanding many hailstorms.

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Benefits of a Vermont Slate HP roof

    • Independently tested in the US and Canada
      A Vermont Slate HP roof, like all our roofing products, are tested at independent laboratories that are recognized by the Canadian Construction Materials Council (CCMC), the ICC (USA), and listed by QAI.
    • Lab-proven as hail-proof
      We go beyond the highest official hail-proof rating in the industry. Most estimates of maximum hail speeds are around 100mph. The Vermont Slate HP panels withstood a lab test that simulated a four-inch hail strike at 183mph and they suffered no damage. Check out this video for details.
    • Any-size hail warranty
      With every Vermont Slate HP roof, you are warrantied against any size hail impact damage to panels for the first 20 years of their life. Thereafter, you are protected against hail damage up to two inches in diameter. There is no other warranty like this available in the industry.
    • Insurance benefits
      Because we have pushed our product beyond the industry-standard testing, your roof should qualify for the maximum insurance discount available for hail impact from insurers offering such discounts. This will help offset some of the installation costs of a new roof.
    • Environmentally friendly
      One of the main reasons why Vermont Slate HP roofs are so tough is that they are made almost entirely from recycled rubber tires. Vulcanized rubber is known for its shock-absorbing qualities – and it also saves countless used tires from ending up in a landfill.
    • Affordable quality
      Vermont Slate HP roofs are competitively positioned between asphalt shingles and premium roofing options such as slate, wood, metal and other synthetic roofing. When you consider the hail warranty, longevity, and potential insurance savings, they represent outstanding value.
  • Available across North America
    Wherever your home or business is located in North America, there is an authorized Euroshield® dealer not far away. Find the nearest installer if you would like a free no-obligation quote on a hail proof roof for your home or business.

At Euroshield®, our standards are higher.
If you want to remove the risk of hail impact damaging your roof entirely, even if a huge hailstorm hits, you choose a Vermont Slate HP roof. Get in touch to find out if this is the right roofing option for your home!

Main features of Vermont Slate HP roofs

Euroshield Vermont Slate HP Hail Proof Roof

  • Recycled rubber – Panels made from approximately 70% recycled tire rubber and a total of 95% recycled content.
  • Slate-like appearance – Our most realistic slate look to date, engineered with surface and edge detailing that accurately depicts natural slate
  • Panel arrangement – Offered as a 40” x 20”, five-section, closed key-way panel with a nine-inch exposure to the weather
  • Available in four colours – Brown, black, grey and driftwood (a premium colour available at additional cost)
  • Easy to install – Materials are lightweight, approximately 265lbs/square and come in convenient panel-form with row markers and nail hole guides for efficient installations
  • Recyclable – the panels themselves and any scrap material from the roofing installation can be recycled

Which types of roofs are suited to rubber?

All of our rubber panels are suitable for the following types of roofs:

Our process

We have a verified Euroshield installer in all cities across North America. Our process is simple:

  1. SEARCH for a contractor near you by using our Find an Installer tool
  2. CONTACT your preferred installer directly and receive a project quote
  3. INSTALLATION of your roof as agreed with your contractor
  4. WARRANTY – submit your transferable limited lifetime warranty and never worry about your roof again!

If you have questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us via our contact form or call us on (877) 387-7667, our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

In the Calgary area?

Stop by our showroom and see our roofing products first-hand. Or feel free to contact us Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm at (403) 215-3333 for further assistance.

Why choose Euroshield®?

  • Made from 95% recycled material (rubber tires)[/icon]
  • Extremely durable
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Resistant to hail
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Generous transferable warranties (non-prorated)
  • Sound deadening & insulating
  • The affordable permanent roofing solution
  • Adds value to your home
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Our warranty program

Rubber tires are made to be highly durable and withstand extreme weather conditions.

This is why we back Euroshield® roofing products to stand the test of time.

All Euroshield roofing products carry a generous hail warranty that provides you with the peace of mind that your roof will withstand whatever the conditions throw at it.

You can also register for your limited lifetime warranty with our warranty forms here.

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Start properly protecting your home from hail

Hail storms are unpredictable and potentially devastating.

Unlike the car, you cannot move your roof inside. You need to be prepared for problems with a hail proof roof that helps you sleep easier.

Euroshield® Vermont Slate HP roofs offer serious protection from serious weather. They really are the gold standard of hail proof-ness!

If you have any questions regarding our eco-friendly rubber roofs, we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a Vermont Slate HP roof different from your other roofing products?
The main difference is that more rubber material is used in our Vermont Slate HP panels. This fills the chambers at the back of the panel exposures, providing greater absorption of hail impact.
Do your shake products come in a hail proof version?
Watch this space. We are working on it!
How does a Vermont Slate HP roof compare with the standard Vermont Slate roof in terms of cost?
A Vermont Slate HP roof does cost more to install as it is our premium roofing product. Each panel is heavier than a standard Vermont Slate panel by 1.2lbs and so it costs more to manufacture. However, remember that it also comes with the best warranty against hail in the industry.