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How Much Does a Rubber Roof Cost?

May 23, 2017


Rubber roofing is an innovative way to save the environment as well as the homeowner’s money. Almost every day here at Euroshield we get asked “How much is this compared to asphalt?”  The question is almost not fair in a sense.  It’s like asking “How much is this Honda Civic compared to a BMW 5 series?” the benefits will far outweigh one from the other.

For starters, asphalt is not a permanent roof, and will only last on average 10-15 years. Whereas Euroshield’s rubber roof is, and will last 50+ years.  That right there will cost the asphalt homeowner at least 4 roof installations in the time of 1 rubber roof life expectancy.  There are other factors to consider as well, warranty being one of them.  Euroshield has one of the best warranties available when it comes to roofing material.

For the first 50 years it has a non-prorated amount, meaning it’s not depreciating in value over the years and it has a 2” hail warranty on it. Let’s talk hail for a second because depending on the area you live in, durability may be the most important factor to consider.

Over the years Alberta has seen some crazy hail storms in the summer months that are wreaking havoc on our cars, roofs, and siding. This is an ongoing issue that doesn’t look like it will go away.  Yes our insurance companies are there for us and help with covering costs, but this will lead to higher premiums and higher deductibles at the end of the day.

Since our product is so durable, more and more insurance companies are starting to recognize this and are offering a discount on your home insurance. Instead of needing to replace your asphalt after a bad hail storm, you can be confident your insurance rates will be staying the same or dropping, instead of climbing.

We are so confident our product is hail proof, we stand behind it with our warranty, plus it also helps that we’ve never had a hail claim in the history of our company. So with these factors alone, I think it’s easy to understand why the cost of rubber will be more than a standard asphalt roof will run you.

Just like how the BMW 5 series is a premium option, so is Euroshield rubber roofing.  But the nice difference is that Euroshield is one of the lower costing options compared to its competitors.  Euroshield makes 2 different styles, a shake and a slate look. When comparing these options, real slate can run you almost 3 times more, and extra trusses and reinforcements would be needed adding to your total cost.

When looking at cedar shake, we are still less than the total cost, and won’t have the upkeep and maintenance required. Probably the most comparable in price and longevity would be a metal material. Metal roofs are great, but they have a couple downfalls as well. Denting, noise, and fading are just to name a few, but overall it is another premium option that holds many benefits as well. Compared to metal we are typically still the lower cost option, and I can bet they don’t have a 2” hail warranty backing their products!

So yes, rubber roofing is going to be more expensive than an asphalt roof, but the total cost of ownership is a lot less!