Is There Such a Thing as a Hail Proof Roof?

In most cases…no. When you think about a hail proof roof you need to consider the entire roof system, which includes not only the roof covering material but the deck, valley metal, other metal flashing details, vent pipes and skylights. There is however “degrees” of hail-proof and some materials simply lend themselves to greater impact […]

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Why Consider Permanent Roofing?

When it comes to permanent roofing, it is most often those who have “lived and learned” that are seriously considering it for their home. Folks who have owned a home that had a worn out roof in need of replacement or experienced a hail event, (or two, or three in some cases) are often motivated […]

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Best Roof for Solar Panels

I’m going to add solar panels but first need a new roof. What should I do? Assuming you have done your homework regarding costs, rebates, payback, etc. and you live in an area where you can expect sufficient sunshine and roof exposure, you also need to consider the roof below the panels you are attaching […]

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How Much Does a Rubber Roof Cost?

Rubber roofing is an innovative way to save the environment as well as the homeowner’s money. Almost every day here at Euroshield we get asked “How much is this compared to asphalt?”  The question is almost not fair in a sense.  It’s like asking “How much is this Honda Civic compared to a BMW 5 […]

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