Granville Slate

Your Euroshield® roof has you covered in style. Granville Slate does it at a price you’ll love.

Granville Slate is the first product in our new Euroshield® line of rubber roofing, launched back in June of 2011. Granville Slate is a thinner, lighter and lower cost version of our popular Rundle Slate. It is designed to replicate New England style slate roofing with a 1/2″ (nominal) thick chiselled-look butt edge. It is suitable for both reroof and new construction applications and at a price point between asphalt shingles and premium roofing products such as cedar, slate, metal and other synthetics.  It is a great choice for those value-conscious individuals wanting a quality slate-look roof without the high weight and cost.

It’s light in weight but not in performance. Made from the same high quality ingredients and manufacturing process, Granville Slate is backed by one of the best Limited Lifetime Warranties in the business…and transferable too!

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Product…

All Euroshield profiles are Eco Friendly Green Roofing products made from up to 95% recycled materials, the primary ingredient being rubber from recycled tires. A unique manufacturing process incorporating strict quality control methods results in a superior roofing product with durability characteristics unsurpassed in the industry. As you might expect with a roof made of rubber, impact damage, such as one would expect from large hail, is of no concern to those who own a Euroshield® roof. It simply bounces off.

Granville Slate comes in 40″ wide panels, each featuring 4 slate-like sections measuring 10″ wide by 7 5/8″ high, in a “modified open keyway” design to replicate the depth and character of individual slate pieces. Granville Slate installation is fast and easy. The panels handle and install much like an asphalt shingle, held in place with 10 standard roofing nails and an adhesive strip on the underside to bond the panel above to the course below. The panels feature a unique raised nib strip on the reverse side that sets the correct exposure as you install, further simplifying the process. The panels can be cut with a utility blade and each covers more surface area than a standard shingle. Less pieces to handle equals faster install. Any scrap materials generated from the installation can be returned and recycled to produce more Granville Slate.

Available in standard colors of Black, Brown and Grey.

Layered chisel edge Granville Slate profile

New Chisel Edge Granville Slate profile